Opening of the Roosevelt Informationcentre

03 May 2016

After three years of preparation, the Roosevelt Information Centre finally opened its doors to the public on April 2nd. There was great public interest on the day itself. Many people paid a visit to the information centre and expressed their interest in the history of the Roosevelt family. We as direction and volunteers ofcourse were thrilled about the enthusiastic responses.


The official opening took place on April 20th in the presence of Her Majesty Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands and three members of the Roosevelt family, namely Elliot Roosevelt, Anne Roosevelt and Jo-Ann Roosevelt. In addition, about 23 members of the Roosevelt Institute were present.


On the sunlit main square of Oud-Vossemeer many people had gathered and it looked very lively and picturesque. A musical welcome was presented by the children who participate in the music project HAA in de Maat to the princess and the other guests, which was obviously very much appreciated.


In the Reformed church speeches were given by our mayor Mrs. Van der Velde and the chair of the board of directors of the Ambachtsheerlijkheid Mr. Heyse. Afterwards a conversation took place between seven people who had been closely involved in the foundation of the information centre, Her Majesty princess Beatrix and the three members of the Roosevelt family.


At 14.10 the time had come for our princess to open the information centre by cutting the ribbons on the landing of the Ambachtsherenhuis, assisted by three members of the Roosevelt family. They were then given a tour around the information centre by the chair of the Roosevelt Foundation of Oud-Vossemeer, Hans van Gorsel, and the secretary Kees de Koning.


After this the members of the Roosevelt Institute and the public got a turn to look around in the new information centre.


We can look back on a wonderful day that attracted a lot of attention from local as well as national media. This day definitely put Oud-Vossemeer on the map and we hope it will generate a large number of visitors to our village in the near future who will enjoy all that Oud-Vossemeer has to offer.

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